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The predictive platform significantly outperforms other enterprise SEO and ranking platforms for one simple reason: they have to source their intelligence from Google's "Black Box".

Market Brew has helped our digital marketing agency and clients understand what we were doing well and what we could do better on desktop and mobile. The insights from their predictive engine allowed us to see where there were cracks in website architecture and irregularities in content.

Allen Jurisic, Director of Search & Analytics, Prestige Marketing Inc., on using Market Brew for his Agency’s site and large international e-commerce sites

How Does Market Brew Work?

Think of it as a search engine that can calibrate its own settings using machine learning to behave like any search engine you want.

Users can test their website changes in the model and can predict how their actual ranking results will be affected, months before those changes show up in their rank trackers.

For one client, within 3 weeks, we were able to get them from position 80 to position 1 on Google, for one of the most competitive property keywords on the market...and that honestly blew us all away.

Chris Pahor, Neural Digital

Track Search Engine Algorithmic Updates:

One of the hardest parts of SEO today is understanding how algorithmic updates affect your specific search results. Market Brew automatically detects when the models diverge from the target search engine environment. When this happens, Market Brew re-calibrates itself, and because the search engine models store their bias/weight settings, users are able to compare the settings before vs. after to determine which parts of the search engine model are now more or less emphasized.

We saw a huge spike in traffic...highly recommend it, one of the best marketing investments I've made...

Dan Laufer, Founder of RentLingo and Former Head of Growth, Nextdoor

World-Class Support:

Investing in Market Brew technology is the best decision you will ever make. Every enterprise account gets:

  1. A dedicated solutions engineer that works with your SEO team to build your first predictive models.
  2. Professional on-site training for your SEO team.
  3. Consistent validation of your predictive models, every step of the way.
  4. An easy to execute, actionable plan, based on objective and quantifiable data.

With no keyword or website limits, and hands-on support, you will not find a better chance of success.

Everyone who's doing Enterprise SEO should look at Market Brew. I've really fallen in love with their adaptive model approach...

Joe Sinkwitz, CEO of Intellifluence

Lightning Fast Data:

In Market Brew, once you have self-calibrated your search engine model to a target search engine environment, you can make a change and test the results within a FRACTION of the time of any other platform. Not using Market Brew to test your change? You'll have to wait 60 days (at best) for search engines to crawl every other site, score and update their search results (and your rankings) to find out.

Market Brew users are able to truly grasp why and how their website ranks the way it does, or why it doesn't rank. This extremely easy to use platform is for anyone trying to solve the mystery behind why search engines behave the way that they do.

Rob Duncan, Former Consultant for the SBDC at USF, on using Market Brew for the Small Business Development Center

What is an Analysis Group?

In Market Brew, we call our search engine models "Analysis Groups". This setup wizard uses years of best practices to streamline the creation of a search engine model for any search engine result page (SERP).

This process uses a genetic algorithm called Particle Swarm Optimization to transform our Standard Model into a calibrated model for that SERP.

The Analysis Group is designed to build a representative model of outperformers in each area of the search engine model (the #1 ranking site in a SERP is usually not the best in all areas). This allows you to (optionally) compare how a target URL scores against each outperformer, what its biggest weaknesses are, and what that target URL can do to overcome the statistical gap in that area of the search engine model.

What happens when the Analysis Group renews?

When you first setup an Analysis Group, the statistical model is built. This gives you insight into each statistical gap between any two sites. But that isn't the whole story. When your Analysis Group renews, a trend analysis occurs. See how the target search engine environment's bias/weight settings change over time, refresh data and see upward / downward movement for each site in the model.

Make Artificial Intelligence Work for You

Introducing Market Brew Conversations: Concise, Calibrated A.I. Reports with Actionable SEO Data and Reliable Ranking Insights.

Market Brew's insights let you seemlessly navigate each part of the search engine model, uncovering hundreds of algorithms from off-page to on-page and everything in between.

Compare each spectrum of the model to outperformers in that search engine result page.

I've used it for several years in client sites and in-house...couldn't give Market Brew a higher recommendation...

Josh Hinds, Sr. SEO Strategist

We've spent over a decade modeling search engine behavior so you don't have to guess anymore.

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