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Market Brew’s machine learning technology puts us on the cutting edge of data-driven SEO analysis. This has become a true competitive advantage for our clients, and allows Red Door to deliver targeted recommendations that consistently deliver real-world results.

Ross Briggs, Director of SEO at Red Door Interactive

Market Brew is the #1 Artificial Intelligence Platform for SEO Teams

Track and characterize algorithmic updates for any search engine.


With search engine modeling, clients can expose ranking factors and see exactly why one webpage was selected over another.


The model is self-calibrating and highly correlated to your target search engine environment, with an average Pearson Score of 70% or higher.


We utilize cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to simulate all of the possible changes you could make to your site, and serve-up only the most ROI-optimal actions.


Market Brew users find they can make, test, and confirm the impact of their website optimizations within an average of 1.5 hours, shaving their testing cycles by an average of 60 days.

It's a Hot Tool Every Publisher Should Use.
— The Huffington Post

What Leaders Think About Market Brew

Their predictive search engine simulation lets you course correct changes more quickly, before you find out the hard way later...

Larry Cornett, Former Yahoo! Search Executive

We've worked with many SEO tools and consultants as we grew to millions of SEO visitors per month, and Market Brew has been the most useful and insightful service we've used.

Jay Shek, Co-Founder & CEO at Locality

Market Brew's predictive model allowed us to verify our changes months in advance of Google's confirmation.

Marius Kalytis, Founder of

Market Brew allows us to create precise, relevant conclusions based on a scientific platform. The interface is intuitive, straightforward, and with some training, you will develop the ability to see as search engines do and react or plan accordingly.

Jeffrey Smith, CEO of SEO Design Solutions
On using Market Brew for the enterprise brands Michaels and Real Simple

Good product. Used it personally and really like it. #reallypredicts

John Rampton, CEO of

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We've spent a decade modeling search engine behavior so you don't have to guess anymore.

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