How The Market Brew Platform Works

The predictive platform significantly outperforms other enterprise SEO and ranking platforms that have to source their data from public search engines.

Market Brew has helped our digital marketing agency and clients understand what we were doing well and what we could do better on desktop and mobile. The insights from their predictive engine allowed us to see where there were cracks in website architecture and irregularities in content.

Allen Jurisic, Director of Search & Analytics, Prestige Marketing Inc.
On using Market Brew for his Agency’s site and large international ECommerce sites

Lightning Fast Data:

In Market Brew, once you have self-calibrated your search engine model to a target search engine environment, you can make a change and test the results within a FRACTION of the time of any other platform. Not using Market Brew to test your change? You'll have to wait 60 days (at best) for search engines to crawl every other site, score and update their search results (and your rankings) to find out.

Market Brew users are able to truly grasp why and how their website ranks the way it does, or why it doesn't rank. This extremely easy to use website is available for anyone trying to solve the mystery behind why search engines behave the way that they do.

Rob Duncan, Former Consultant for the SBDC at USF
On using Market Brew for the Small Business Development Center

Simulate Any Competitive Environment:

Market Brew can target ANY search engine environment with a high degree of accuracy. Simply choose which search engine environment to target, by entering in the keyword phrases and selecting the search engine environment you want to target (all Google versions are available, as well as other search engine environments).

Market Brew's Setup Wizard Allows You To Target Any Search Engine Environment.

Next, we take a look at what is currently ranking on that search engine environment RIGHT NOW. The goal here is to train the generic search engine model and curve-fit to reality. Select 3-5 subdomains as a sample set, and Market Brew begins to machine learn the algorithmic mechanisms that are affecting the search engine rankings in that environment.

Market Brew's Setup Wizard Automatically Determines The Competitive Environment To Analyze.

In a matter of minutes, millions of combinations of inputs into our generic search engine are evaluated using a genetic algorithm called "Particle Swarm Optimization", guaranteeing a high degree of correlation between your search engine model and your target search engine environment.

Market Brew's Self-Calibrated Search Engine Model.

Now with highly-correlated data, the predictive SEO platform reveals the inner workings of that target environment, including search engine ranking distances, what separates ranking #1 from ranking #2, and so on.

See Ranking Distances Using A Transparent Search Engine Model

Additionally, our predictive system simulates millions of alternative scenarios and optimizations. It finds the global maxima (most efficient path to increase traffic) for your targeted website, and delivers that to you in simple actions for your team to act on.

Each Simulation Tells You Exactly WHAT and HOW To Implement.

Each action has a specific focus (what things to fix) and one or more algorithmic screens to help you identify how that part of the search engine calculated this score, leading you to quickly implementing that action. And because you are working with a live model of your targeted search engine environment, you can make small changes on your site, and test those changes within hours (instead of waiting for months to get rankings feedback, like every other enterprise platform on the market today).

We've spent a decade modeling search engine behavior so you don't have to guess anymore.

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