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Benefits and Features

Dramatically Advance Your Brand's Web Presence.


Arm your team with the ability to prioritize changes by potential traffic gain, re-crawl on-demand, and test optimizations before search engines rank them.


We categorize algorithms into families and expose potential search engine penalties before your website traffic and revenue are negatively impacted.


Know precisely what separates result #1 from the rest of the search results - is it overall relevancy, links, or neighborhood.


Stay one step ahead of the search engines and your competitors. Track and monitor for algorithmic ranking penalties, changes and blacklisting.

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Jeffrey Smith, CEO

SEO Design Solutions

Market Brew allows us to create precise, relevant conclusions based on a scientific platform. The interface is intuitive, straightforward, and with some training, you will develop the ability to see as search engines do and react or plan accordingly.

Rob Duncan

Former Consultant with SBDC at USF

Market Brew users are able to truly grasp why and how their website ranks the way it does, or why it doesn't rank. This extremely easy to use website is available for anyone trying to solve the mystery behind why search engines behave the way that they do.

The First Predictive Platform For Search Rankings.

Brands can accurately predict Search Engine rankings before they happen.
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SIMULATE the world that affects your Brand online.

  • crawl your neighborhood and get actionable intelligence
  • add unlimited targeted keywords to simulate market share
  • import competitor data to visualize their web strategy
  • add your revenue and uncover hidden ROI

OPTIMIZE your site using a Predictive Platform.

  • the a/b testing platform provides instant feedback
  • know which webpage/keyword combinations to attack first
  • real-time ranking prediction shows exact distances between results
  • obtain your site's maximum revenue potential

REALIZE the most Traffic and Revenue possible.

  • target realistic goals and obtain maximum value
  • monitor factors that affect ROI and visitor traffic
  • schedule alerts to stay ahead of competitor changes
  • prevent blacklisting and critical search engine penalties

How The Web-Based Platform Works

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